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How to Get In, How to Make It, and How to Play the Game In This Ultra-Competitive Industry
New York, NY -- In the hustle and buzz of the entertainment industry one of the most competitive and exciting yet little-known areas is the voiceover business where well-spoken and distinctive sounding individuals bring commercials, films and broadcasts to life with their vocal communication skills. Agents and voiceover coaches guide talent through certain aspects of this closed door industry, but there is only one company which specializes in the business of voiceovers and how to market one’s talent: Johnna Gottlieb Consulting.

A former voiceover talent agent with 11 years of experience working for the top agencies in the business, Gottlieb covers all the aspects of the voiceover trade for her clients: where to begin, how to get established, what it takes to make it and how to stay in the game.

“I found a distinctive niche existed for my skills and experience,” said Johnna Gottlieb. “The unique advantage that I bring to my business, an insider’s p.o.v., enables me to advise talent on how to navigate the voiceover industry and how to constantly evolve to accommodate the needs of an ever-changing marketplace. A voiceover talent can have the best voice in the world and all the skill the industry calls for, but without a marketing campaign success could be very hard to come by.”

After representing many of the top voiceover talents in the industry, including such famous actors as James Earl Jones, Jason Alexander, Stockard Channing, Nathan Lane, John Goodman, Philip Bosco, Edward Herrmann and Blythe Danner, Gottlieb now provides business advice to newcomer and veteran voiceover talent as well as talent agencies specializing in the voiceover arena.

Gottlieb works with clients to assess their particular situation in order to develop and implement a strategic action plan. Her counsel enables talent to develop the necessary tools for attaining specific goals such as getting an agent, changing one’s talent rep and how to audition. Her services include general career counseling, marketing materials, voiceover reel production, techniques for networking within the industry and insider information about talent agencies specializing in voiceovers. Additionally, she works with talent on producing and marketing their promotional reel -- the key to getting an agent, winning auditions and landing a commercial, narrating or announcing job.

With her talent agency background, Gottlieb is able to advise agencies on how to maintain their position within the industry by increasing visibility, acquiring new talent and expanding their client base.

Gottlieb is on the faculty of NYU where she teaches the course "Voiceover: Beyond the Booth" . She has also lectured at Syracuse University and the NYU Tisch School of the Arts.  In the spring of 2009, she was appointed to the faculty of UCLA where she teaches an online course "How to Become a Successful Voiceover Artist".

Before starting Johnna Gottlieb Consulting, she was an agent for 11 years at six of the top agencies representing voiceover talent. At prestigious Don Buchwald and Associates she was an agent in the commercial/voiceover department. She started and expanded the voice over division at HWA Talent Representatives. At TRH Talent Representatives she was head of the commercial department and she ran the promo department at SEM&M (Schiffman, Ekman, Morrison and Marx).